Moleskine & The Satorialist

A sweet snack on a fabric napkin

"lp" embossings

The Satorialist was one of the first blogs I’d ever read, one I’ve followed ever since, shared with every friend I know – you get the picture. Scott Shuman is talking about the release of a second book so during a three hour decision on which book to buy this morning – The Satorialist is mine. All 512 pages of pure portrait fashion photographic genius.

Books are something I love – I’ve been able to read full blown novels since I was four (Little House on the Prairie) – but we live in a super tiny bachelor apartment so I choose my books wisely and borrow most. At 5X7.5″ The Satorialist simply fits.

The Selby is another blog-with-accompanying-book I adore that still hasn’t made it’s way to my bookshelf (mostly due to it’s monstrous size) but if your looking for a book filled with lustrous prints and a cover wrapped in a silky laminated color photo you can add that one to your list also.

Since starting university at NSCAD I have developed a slight addiction to Moleskine notebooks, to the point where any other notebook just isn’t the same. I buy nothing but for agenda’s, watercolor notebooks, journals, etc. I have about twenty filled with sketches and ideas and over ten large lined journals filled with history class notes. They are all black, some leather some paper. So today when I found these lined journals in “Lou Photography blue” there was no doubt – I had to buy them. They’ll be put to good use at client consults and a weekend photography workshop.  I embossed them with the same logo I put on my DVD presentation folders.

That’s been my day so far. With lots of coffee and dried mangoes.

Keep Calm Wednesday – Best of Web

1. Topshop (The discovery of international shipping made this a guarantee)

2. Keep Calm Gallery Prints – A London based online gallery for purchasing clever prints, with choices for framing

3. Finding The Selby Is In Your Place on a recent visit to Chapters (Author Todd Selby from

4. Time Travel Tea Party – Vintage pocket watch Etsy Seller

5. 2 Modern Affordable modern home furnishings, a neat alternative to Ikea!


This fabulous book The Selby is in your place by photographer and blogger Todd Selby, as pictured on blog 21st&Ivy. If you haven’t visited Todd Selby’s blog it is a must must MUST! He documents his friends homes, which include a lot of artists & publishers, making for voyeuristic & eccentric photo’s that are immensely pleasurable to flip through. Uh early er Christmas present…anyone?

Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present @ MoMA

Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present at MoMA, March 14 – May 31, 2010. A celebration of her life’s work with over fifty of her performance pieces on display, the artist herself is daily in the gallery to re-enact eight different pieces from a variety of performance artists. This is one incredible show, that even if you can’t make it to New York to see it (like me) you can watch the live feed during gallery hours.

Topshop! Can you say honeymoon, anyone?

Topshop swimwear - amazing retro long bikini

Topshop - gorgeous coat with bow detailing

Not going to Topshop when I was in New York has turned out to be more of a mistake than a rouse to save myself tuition $$. There will always be next time, but until then I continue to covet the folds of their webpage. Might I also mention their maternity wear has my womb aching…for the outfits that is, not the child.