Moleskine & The Satorialist

A sweet snack on a fabric napkin

"lp" embossings

The Satorialist was one of the first blogs I’d ever read, one I’ve followed ever since, shared with every friend I know – you get the picture. Scott Shuman is talking about the release of a second book so during a three hour decision on which book to buy this morning – The Satorialist is mine. All 512 pages of pure portrait fashion photographic genius.

Books are something I love – I’ve been able to read full blown novels since I was four (Little House on the Prairie) – but we live in a super tiny bachelor apartment so I choose my books wisely and borrow most. At 5X7.5″ The Satorialist simply fits.

The Selby is another blog-with-accompanying-book I adore that still hasn’t made it’s way to my bookshelf (mostly due to it’s monstrous size) but if your looking for a book filled with lustrous prints and a cover wrapped in a silky laminated color photo you can add that one to your list also.

Since starting university at NSCAD I have developed a slight addiction to Moleskine notebooks, to the point where any other notebook just isn’t the same. I buy nothing but for agenda’s, watercolor notebooks, journals, etc. I have about twenty filled with sketches and ideas and over ten large lined journals filled with history class notes. They are all black, some leather some paper. So today when I found these lined journals in “Lou Photography blue” there was no doubt – I had to buy them. They’ll be put to good use at client consults and a weekend photography workshop.  I embossed them with the same logo I put on my DVD presentation folders.

That’s been my day so far. With lots of coffee and dried mangoes.