To celebrate our first anniversary we ate a tasty breakfast at Two If By Sea the day before, then ventured south down to Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Home to Acadia University and the heart of Nova Scotia wine country we visited Foxhill Farm cheese factory before going to tastings at Luckett Vineyards which opened last year and Muir Murray estate winery. There was no production at Foxhill but we got to sample all of their cheeses and three flavors of quark (they make an amazing Parmesan and a peppercorn Gouda!) We bought herb and garlic quark and paired it with Tim Hortons everything bagels for a quick lunch. Quark is similar to cream cheese, with a very light and whipped texture and half the fat. Completely delicious!

Our first winery we visited was Luckett Vineyards, founded in 2010 by famous Pete’s Froutique owner Pete Luckett. I am all about well designed elements and their bottle labels complete with a telephone booth in the middle of the field had me hooked. We sampled seven varieties of red and whites and one ice wine and came home with our favorite white – L’Acadie Blanc.

The second Muir Murray was not very impressive, the doors were open and there were flies everywhere. Most importantly the three whites we tried did not make the cut and the atmosphere made us anxious to leave.

We finished the evening off with a tour of Domaine de Grand Pré and dinner at the fantastic on site restaurant, Le Caveau. Pics to follow!

Today I love

Today I love: this gorgeous Italian home by Damilano Studio architects on Trendir. The floor to ceiling windows bring the outdoors in and open into a cozy reading room with plenty of my favorite interior design element – built in storage. Click here to see images of the whole house on Trendir.

Today I love: this color block leather shopper from ASOS, the pastels go perfect with this sunny breezy day in Halifax. Click here to buy this bag and see more images by ASOS.

Ottawa Day IV


Gorgeous Liz - effortlessly beautiful!


Day four in Ottawa: touring the center block of Parliament, meeting Liz a fellow NSCAD’er and an amazing blogger for a delish lunch at Milestones on Sussex (she introduced me to amazing iced tea infused with mint – self developed recipe to follow), a brisk stroll through the Byward Market, changing hotels for the weekend, fantastic wood oven pizza (basil, radicchio, Italian sausage, portebello’s and truffle oil on white with cream sauce and Beth’s proscuitto & mozza with traditional sauce on wheat) at The Grand on George, and exploring Sparks street and it’s un-obtainable Boutique goodies and drooling over Prada at Holt Renfew.


Ottawa Day II & III

Day two & three of  my mini vacay in the capital: I did Lululemon’s lunch time yoga sesh on Parliament Hill with over 500 people in attendance (amazing-inspiring). It was a power yoga class, a delightfully sweaty workout in Ottawa’s mid-July heat. On day three I went to the National Gallery of Canada to see the Caravaggio exhibit and the rest of the collection. It was good, not a lot of contemporary work 0r sculpture (disappointing) but also not an overwhelming collection, I made it through in six hours with my sanity intact 😉

Belt, shorts, purse, sunglasses: H&M Shoes: Feet First Blouse: Envy Necklace: Aldo Accessories

Ottawa [Shopping] Day I

Yesterday morning I took off for Ottawa to meet my bestie, who’s training for the week in the city. I’m tagging along to get a much needed shopping-sunshine-yoga-gallery visiting-market hopping-food eating-summer vacation! I haven’t owned a watch since high school, and pulling out my phone to constantly check the time has been getting old so my favorite part of yesterdays shopping was splurging on a steel and gold Skagen watch at The Bay and 100% black silk Wilfred shorts from Aritzia. I picked up a perfect nude lipstick from Sephora, a white lightweight boyfriend blazer from Aritzia and a necklace I am dying to wear with my orange H&M shorts from Aldo Accessories. On Sussex there was a fun little interiors store called Zone set up like a boutique but with neat and very affordable products – I found the perfect pepper mill to replace our broken one. I’m waiting for Lululemon’s yoga class on parliament hill, then it’s off to explore more of the city and hopefully find some vintage shops and a good shoe store.

Lace Cover-up: Mink Pink  Black T: RW&CO Ears: Gold Stud Pearls Trousers: H&M Necklace: Target

Summer (Is Here)

Kiwi-lime ice pops, local Foxhill Farm non-homogenized milk in reusable glass bottles, ripe sweet valley strawberries in season and deep deep red to the core, re-discovering chocolate chip Clif bars,  eight new glass jars for pastas, flour, sugars, soy protein powder, oatmeal, and the always tasty ‘Craisins’, family picnics at Point Pleasant Park, days on the beach with Nate watching him surf at Lawrencetown, chowder made with fresh cream, Foxhill milk and the best haddock, lobster, scallops, shrimp, bacon, and garlic the province has to offer. This is what summer is made of!



This was a Saturday summer Saturday’s are made of! It is my first day off with plenty of sunshine! It began with family diner breakfast of eggs Benedict with ham and spicy hash browns at the Ardmore Tearoom. From there we went to the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market and I picked up some fresh (picked at 5:00 am!) strawberries and eight perfect peonies, my favorite flower currently in season and good sized bulbs for a huge crystal vase we received as a wedding present that I love but rarely get to use. I also tried some delicious breakfast pizza Beth bought from Bramoso and am sure I will need to get a slice next weekend…or try my hand at making a delicious thin crust. The Topshop dress Nate gave me as a surprise cheering up present a few months ago went well with the sunshine and walk along the boardwalk, where we stopped to hug Kraft peanut butter bears to donate a jar of peanut butter to the food bank and got some Fujiroids to remember it by. When Nate got off work, we went to the Public Gardens for a perfect evening walk with a venti vanilla bean frapp. Supper called for string green beans with raspberry balsamic vinegar and sesame seeds and butter fried shrimp with fresh pressed garlic and parsley. How perfectly splendid are Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck? Enough to watch Roman Holiday and the sunset simultaneously 🙂

A Taste of NS

Last night we ventured to Murphy’s Camping on the Ocean, despite the freezing temperatures and drizzle to eat by a fire and spend a nights sleep under a tent. We had stopped into Nate’s parents to borrow sleeping bags, and when we returned them today they left us two perfectly sized trout my father-in-law caught the day before.

I evenly coated them with flour that had been mixed with sea salt, pepper, and a fish seasoning mix then fried them in butter until they were crisped to perfection. Whole green beans, steamed with butter and garlic were a light and delicious side. We had stopped at Krauch’s Smokehouse in Jeddore for spicy smoked salmon and garlic smoked salmon which we ate with Ritz, Breton, and Vegetable Thins. It mixed well with Laughing Cow cheese, but was a bit overpowered by a maple fig basalmic vinegar glaze and the honey dijon horseradish mustard.

We finished as the thunder and lighting started over Halifax, thankful we had decided not to camp another night!

You can view our camping adventure in my Facebook album here.

Bras & Polish

With summer comes countless tanks, sheer blouses, and white dresses that require the perfect strapless nude bra. La Senza has disappointed in the past offering flimsy or satiny bras that just don’t cut it. This year they have combined a soft cotton blend fabric, cups that provide great coverage, grip strips all the way around, and a wide back band with plenty of elasticity to create an excellent option I couldn’t resist!

This OPI ‘Koala Bear-y’ shade is an ideal shade that combines magenta pink with a hint of coral for perfect summer toes and a pop of brilliant color, can you say love?