A little about me as an artist, and my bittersweet time at NSCAD.

My focus is on the role of the photograph in representing mortality and the various processes that achieve this representation. In my final semester I further explored the use of text and sculpture to create a mixed media piece of photographs printed on plexi-glass, walnut and brass. I also have a huge interest in design for the body – fashion. I firmly believe that a large part of personal achievement and good self confidence begins with well designed clothing. Art history feeds my enthusiasm for well made objects and architecture where ‘form follows function’. I have a particular interest in Roman antiquities from the age of the empire, Spanish Gothic revival style and Italian Renaissance architecture, as well as many aspects of art moderne or the art deco period in Europe.

NSCAD is a diverse university with fascinating and exciting programs to choose from. I broadened the types of courses I took to cover most of my interests. In my final semester at the Halifax institution I completely focused on photography and art history. To complete my undergrad I took the following courses in the first term: September 2010-April 2011 – PHOT 4000: Advanced Photo Critique, AHIS 4510: Senior Seminar Art History: Postcolonialism and Craft (Sandra Alfoldy!), and AHIS 2653: 18th Century Art & Culture. In my final term was enrolled in PHOT 4500: Advanced Photo Critique II, AHIS 3455: History Collections – Museums, and AHIS 2010: Survey of 19th Century Art…simply a pre-req to obtain my degree in photography.

When entering the undergraduate degree program at NSCAD you are required to complete a foundation year with an extensive overview into different artistic process’. This trend has existed at other art training schools for decades and is very similar to the first year of training you would receive at the Bauhaus.  During my first year at NSCAD I took the following beginner level courses over the winter and summer semesters: FNDN Paint and Print, FNDN Drawing I and II, FNDN Photography, Writing for the Arts, 2000 Introduction to Jewelry, FNDN Computer, FNDN Modeled Forms, and FNDN Constructed Forms.

In my second year of study I took the following courses: FNDN Design, 2000 Intro Photography, 2000 Digital Photography, 2000 Lighting Workshop, 3000 Craft and Design History of Roman Decorative Arts, 2000 20th Century Art History, 2000 20th Century History of Craft and Design, 2000 Interactive Design, and FNDN Introduction To Visual Culture.

The differences and similarities in these classes challenge you to think historically, critically, and creatively when it comes to establishing your individual artistic process and style. Being taught by experienced artists allows me as the student to consider all aspects and styles within a certain practice.

“My decision to stay in the interdisciplinary degree program and not choose to major in photography was based on my desire to explore the art world as a whole, and to take away the limitations the Photography major would have given me in my third and fourth year of study.  I believe that by choosing this direction in my art practice, I have allowed myself to stay open minded to the work I should created as well as the work I want to create. I have not limited myself to a certain study and therefore my work will hopefully continue to incorporate aspects of History, Design, Fashion and Photography together in the form of  installation art, and contemporary conceptual pieces.” September, 2009

After pursuing an interdisciplinary course of action in third year, I mainly felt that I was dabbling in to many different art practices and could not stay focused on my main areas of interest or develop concise ideas, and personal achievements as an artist. This past term I focused almost entirely in photography and used the valuable techniques and production processes taught by some of the classes I took last year to create two complete bodies of work. Originally I set out to explore issues of life and death, and the complexity of the human mind in the realm of dreams and the subconscious, as well as in connection & influence to/of memory(ies). I ended up focused entirely on a self exploration of representation and research of mortality using my own flesh to portray these ideas.

To view images from my commercial photography practice visit www.louphotography.com

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