Moleskine & The Satorialist

A sweet snack on a fabric napkin

"lp" embossings

The Satorialist was one of the first blogs I’d ever read, one I’ve followed ever since, shared with every friend I know – you get the picture. Scott Shuman is talking about the release of a second book so during a three hour decision on which book to buy this morning – The Satorialist is mine. All 512 pages of pure portrait fashion photographic genius.

Books are something I love – I’ve been able to read full blown novels since I was four (Little House on the Prairie) – but we live in a super tiny bachelor apartment so I choose my books wisely and borrow most. At 5X7.5″ The Satorialist simply fits.

The Selby is another blog-with-accompanying-book I adore that still hasn’t made it’s way to my bookshelf (mostly due to it’s monstrous size) but if your looking for a book filled with lustrous prints and a cover wrapped in a silky laminated color photo you can add that one to your list also.

Since starting university at NSCAD I have developed a slight addiction to Moleskine notebooks, to the point where any other notebook just isn’t the same. I buy nothing but for agenda’s, watercolor notebooks, journals, etc. I have about twenty filled with sketches and ideas and over ten large lined journals filled with history class notes. They are all black, some leather some paper. So today when I found these lined journals in “Lou Photography blue” there was no doubt – I had to buy them. They’ll be put to good use at client consults and a weekend photography workshop.  I embossed them with the same logo I put on my DVD presentation folders.

That’s been my day so far. With lots of coffee and dried mangoes.

Today I love

Today I love: this gorgeous Italian home by Damilano Studio architects on Trendir. The floor to ceiling windows bring the outdoors in and open into a cozy reading room with plenty of my favorite interior design element – built in storage. Click here to see images of the whole house on Trendir.

Today I love: this color block leather shopper from ASOS, the pastels go perfect with this sunny breezy day in Halifax. Click here to buy this bag and see more images by ASOS.

Ottawa [Shopping] Day I

Yesterday morning I took off for Ottawa to meet my bestie, who’s training for the week in the city. I’m tagging along to get a much needed shopping-sunshine-yoga-gallery visiting-market hopping-food eating-summer vacation! I haven’t owned a watch since high school, and pulling out my phone to constantly check the time has been getting old so my favorite part of yesterdays shopping was splurging on a steel and gold Skagen watch at The Bay and 100% black silk Wilfred shorts from Aritzia. I picked up a perfect nude lipstick from Sephora, a white lightweight boyfriend blazer from Aritzia and a necklace I am dying to wear with my orange H&M shorts from Aldo Accessories. On Sussex there was a fun little interiors store called Zone set up like a boutique but with neat and very affordable products – I found the perfect pepper mill to replace our broken one. I’m waiting for Lululemon’s yoga class on parliament hill, then it’s off to explore more of the city and hopefully find some vintage shops and a good shoe store.

Lace Cover-up: Mink Pink  Black T: RW&CO Ears: Gold Stud Pearls Trousers: H&M Necklace: Target

Braving the Rain

My sunshine for the week!

PC Greek Yogurt, full of protein, 0% fat! Thanks Heidi!

Salsa and Greek Yogurt: stirred, warmed and served with tortillas!

Fresh summer savory, organic carrots, 4 cloves of garlic and half an onion: pureed and added to Knorr Autumn Carrot soup base

Add corn cut off the cob, freshly cracked pepper, sea salt, and garlic Parmesan croutons and your warmed from the inside out

A cozy graduation gift from Grammy - a coverlet for the end of our bed!

Its amazing how much you can miss objects when everything but a suitcase is boxed up!

Halifax has been under a steady deluge of rain and overcast weather for over four weeks, 24 hours-a-day! On my down time all I want is to curl up with a frothy bowl of soup, a steaming cup of hot cocoa, a fuzzy cardigan and a good classic. Todays misty grey skies led me back to my cozy apartment to make a batch of savory carrot soup, watch the delayed finale of Survivor, and experience nostalgia for the sun as I pour over shorts and sandals in Elle and Flare. My peachy coral roses from graduation are in full bloom, I’ve pulled my spring & summer wardrobe out of storage, my apartment is finally organized after the flooding (three weeks in a hotel), and the finale of Gossip Girl starts in a few short hours. Despite the drear out my window, I am thankful for all these things that brighten my day!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

My quick pre-sketch hope for Catherine's dress, 5 minutes prior to her stepping out

A favorite moment!

My favorite moment, he whispers "you look beautiful"

A very special day indeed! Many beautiful interactions between an adorable couple, very much in love. I have two favorite moments, the first came when William was peeking at Kate for the first time, and he whispered to her “you look beautiful”. The second, when Kate stepped out on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and said “wow”, she was completely blown away by the hundreds of thousands of people filling the square around them, a lady of grace and humility. I have to admit, I have been completely infatuated with the madness, and have loved every minute of guessing to which designer would create Kate’s dream gown (Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen). What an occasion indeed! 2011 weddings will have a lot to compete with!