Today I love

Today I love: this gorgeous Italian home by Damilano Studio architects on Trendir. The floor to ceiling windows bring the outdoors in and open into a cozy reading room with plenty of my favorite interior design element – built in storage. Click here to see images of the whole house on Trendir.

Today I love: this color block leather shopper from ASOS, the pastels go perfect with this sunny breezy day in Halifax. Click here to buy this bag and see more images by ASOS.

Happy 25th B&B


My parents celebrated 25 years of wedded bliss this past weekend! The kiddos and I threw a fifty person strong banquet dinner, complete with a three course meal, a cake with their original topper, and a bouquet for mum all in the original location of their wedding & reception. After lots of planning and some hard work it all came together splendidly, everyone seemed to have a good time and I even got to model mum and grams original wedding gown! Happy 25th mum & dad!

Food Cooking & A Worthy Kitchen


Wow! What an incredibly busy month March has shaped out to be. I am in the final weeks of my undergrad fine arts degree at NSCAD University, its crazy to think of how quickly the past four years have gone by…my life, my thinking, my ideas, and my goals have all changed leaps and bounds since that cold January morning I walked into my first port campus drawing class. I had my two final research presentations (One for Advanced Photo Crit II, one for Senior Seminar History of Collections), am working on a final paper for History of Collections due Monday (The Last Album: Roland Barthes & Susan Sontag – examining pre-war photographs in relation to trauma, memory, collecting and photographic theory), in the (very) early stages of prepping for my final 19th c. History exam, and finishing shooting for APC II (microphotographs as a type of self portrait and study of the human form). We almost have a space nailed down for our APC group show, tentative show dates are April 16-23. With graduation around the corner on May 14, it’s almost time to say my final good-byes to the institution.

Also on the to-do list is visiting TUNS or the architecture and environmental design facility of Dalhousie University and meeting with an admissions counselor. I am (deeply) considering going back to university in Fall of 2012 to complete a Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies (two years) and then go on to complete their Masters in Architecture degree (two more years). I definitely need to take a year to pay off existing student lines of credit, figure out if I can get enough scholarships/student loan funding to return for another grueling four years of learning

My goals for the summer are to stock pile photography equipment, compile a large and impressive portfolio for my February 2012 application to the BEDS program at Dal, pay off my SLOC, apply/put on a summer solo show, and save for our two week Italy vaca in September. Whew. Going to be a busy few months!

I seen this cookbook ‘tested’ on a cooking show, it has amazing recipes for ice creams, pastries, slow cooked meats, and other wonderful culinary delights from chef Thomas Keller’s Napa Valley restaurant, The French Laundry. Here is a minimalist modern kitchen design, worthy of the hours (days) of prep these recipes require. Cooking must haves: huge prep spaces, gas burners, ample natural lighting, and seamless polished floors for easy clean-up! Trendir is an amazing site with well designed interior/exterior spaces and unique twists on everyday objects with practical functions.


To Market To Market to Buy Some New Sheets

Back in August Nate & I bought a gorgeous quilted duvet from Home Outfitters and skipped the duvet cover, we have yet to buy one. Our sheets are white, our pillow cases are white, and besides four under-sized red and beige decor pillows there is no color whatsoever to our giant king sized bed. I’ve been searching for inspiration on how to create a well-designed ensemble of sheets, pillows and throws while maintaining the neutral color¬†palette mixed with soft purple infused grays that I adore. I’ve found some perfect gray sheets at Winners, but need a duvet cover as well. Here are some of my favorites solutions so far.

We’ve framed this picture for the dark stained shelf above our bed, so the linens need to remain light and fresh.

Happy Friday!


We’ll Trim the Tree With Christmas Lights

{Hat: RW&CO}{Coat: Juicy Couture}{Gloves: Nine West}{Dress: H&M}

The Tree of Perfection!


Watching Carefully Where I Put the Lights...

I Spy With My Little Eye...

...Not Carefully Enough...

The Rest of the Glass: In My Foot ūüė¶

Boiling Water

Cows Hot Chocolate!

Me & My Love

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We were debating on getting a Christmas tree this year…after all we live in a bachelor apartment, but in the end tradition won! We bought our very first tree tonight, cranked the holiday tunes, drank some delicious hot chocolate, and decorated the evening away! We bought our ornaments (so far) for $19.00, the tree stand – $12.00, 100 lights – $8.00, and of course the tree – $20.00 …all at Superstore! I’m hoping to pick up some red ribbon to add some color and a tree skirt from Winners.

Welcome, Preston

Nate Forgot We Finally Had A Couch...


We’ve been married for over four months now, the only thing we’ve lacked in our small bachelor apartment is a couch. We ordered this Preston sofa from The Brick and it was delivered this morning! It is a slightly odd color grey, so I we are going to switch out the red Ikea rug for a black and cream Ikea rug we bought on our honeymoon. The birch shelving, coffee table and lamp are all Ikea as well. Can you see the trend here?

Curling up and reading December’s issue of Harpers and finishing this delicious chocolate croissant from our 2 If By Sea breakfast this morning!

Keep Calm Wednesday – Best of Web

1. Topshop (The discovery of international shipping made this a guarantee)

2. Keep Calm Gallery Prints – A London based online gallery for purchasing clever prints, with choices for framing

3. Finding The Selby Is In Your Place on a recent visit to Chapters (Author Todd Selby from

4. Time Travel Tea Party – Vintage pocket watch Etsy Seller

5. 2 Modern Affordable modern home furnishings, a neat alternative to Ikea!

House With A View

What do you get when you are browsing Trendir, watching the premier of Hell’s Kitchen and feeling the need for well cooked cuisine?

Le Bernardin – Rated #1 out of almost 7,000 restaurants in New York, with a delightful dinner menu composed mainly of seafood – what could be more perfect? Choices include a dish of warmed sea scallop slivers, lime zest and tangerine leaf, coconut milk and Aji pepper emulsion or a baked skatee and langoustine “Paupiette”, with charred shitake mushroom and a brown butter flavoured dashi broth. Adding that to my lengthy list of ¬†New York to-do’s.

Eco-friendly Costa Rican utopia! On

A kitchen to enjoy many hours of cooking!

A more fulfilling use of artificial light could not be found

Designed by Robles Arquitectos architects, this¬†paradisaical¬†Costa Rican cottage has splendid views, a simple and stunning interior and views that could rival the majority of the worlds’ greatest private estates and hotels. Clean lines, a bright palette and simplicity dominate this extraordinary space that invites and makes the most of natural light – in a bright or misty day in the¬†rain forest. The way the entire structure comes alive at dusk with artificial light is amazing! Only adding to the nature of this home is its sustainability in almost every way possible. Read the whole story here.

Cottage Country

An hour from the small town I grew up there are two even smaller communities known as Economy and Five Islands. Property there is relatively inexpensive to purchase, the local residents are wonderful people, and the Bay of Fundy is at your doorstep. There are cliffs of fossils, where many dino-bones have been discovered, the worlds highest & lowest tides, an abundance of clams to dig, and an entire bay of ice cold water right at your doorstep to kayak, cool down in, or walk across the ocean floor to the surrounding islands (thats how low the tides go out!).

Growing up we used to have at least one Saturday outing to the community to visit That Dutchman’s Farm, camp overnight along the bay, hike the many waterfalls that are plentiful in the region, or just enjoy the gorgeous drive along the water.

I think it would be the perfect getaway location to reno a tiny cottage by the ocean.

Or design and build an architectural piece like this one – inspired by the sharp lines of the local cliffs and the surrounding natural environment.

A cozy fireplace to curl up with a good magazine & cradle a cup of joe in a winters getaway