A Taste of NS

Last night we ventured to Murphy’s Camping on the Ocean, despite the freezing temperatures and drizzle to eat by a fire and spend a nights sleep under a tent. We had stopped into Nate’s parents to borrow sleeping bags, and when we returned them today they left us two perfectly sized trout my father-in-law caught the day before.

I evenly coated them with flour that had been mixed with sea salt, pepper, and a fish seasoning mix then fried them in butter until they were crisped to perfection. Whole green beans, steamed with butter and garlic were a light and delicious side. We had stopped at Krauch’s Smokehouse in Jeddore for spicy smoked salmon and garlic smoked salmon which we ate with Ritz, Breton, and Vegetable Thins. It mixed well with Laughing Cow cheese, but was a bit overpowered by a maple fig basalmic vinegar glaze and the honey dijon horseradish mustard.

We finished as the thunder and lighting started over Halifax, thankful we had decided not to camp another night!

You can view our camping adventure in my Facebook album here.


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