il Mercato

Italian for “the market”, il Mercato hit the spot for our Saturday mid-day pasta affair. We started with an appetizer of sautéed escargot presented on prosciutto wrapped polenta and smothered in a garlic, herb, cognac and cream sauce with grape tomatoes and carmelized onions. The flavors were incredible and there was an abundance of sauce – a basket of olive oil basted bread served to absorb every last drop.

My main course was tagliolini pasta tossed in a savory garlic cream sauce and infused with shredded pecorino cheese. Sautéed smoked prosciutto in tiny bite size slices and firm portabello mushrooms sliced and gently seared finished off the dish. A sprinkle of cheese, a fresh field greens garnish, an ample supply of fresh cracked pepper and I was in (Italian) heaven!

The main course came in at $15.00, with the appetizer at $11.00. View their website here or check out their menu here.


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