Food Cooking & A Worthy Kitchen


Wow! What an incredibly busy month March has shaped out to be. I am in the final weeks of my undergrad fine arts degree at NSCAD University, its crazy to think of how quickly the past four years have gone by…my life, my thinking, my ideas, and my goals have all changed leaps and bounds since that cold January morning I walked into my first port campus drawing class. I had my two final research presentations (One for Advanced Photo Crit II, one for Senior Seminar History of Collections), am working on a final paper for History of Collections due Monday (The Last Album: Roland Barthes & Susan Sontag – examining pre-war photographs in relation to trauma, memory, collecting and photographic theory), in the (very) early stages of prepping for my final 19th c. History exam, and finishing shooting for APC II (microphotographs as a type of self portrait and study of the human form). We almost have a space nailed down for our APC group show, tentative show dates are April 16-23. With graduation around the corner on May 14, it’s almost time to say my final good-byes to the institution.

Also on the to-do list is visiting TUNS or the architecture and environmental design facility of Dalhousie University and meeting with an admissions counselor. I am (deeply) considering going back to university in Fall of 2012 to complete a Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies (two years) and then go on to complete their Masters in Architecture degree (two more years). I definitely need to take a year to pay off existing student lines of credit, figure out if I can get enough scholarships/student loan funding to return for another grueling four years of learning

My goals for the summer are to stock pile photography equipment, compile a large and impressive portfolio for my February 2012 application to the BEDS program at Dal, pay off my SLOC, apply/put on a summer solo show, and save for our two week Italy vaca in September. Whew. Going to be a busy few months!

I seen this cookbook ‘tested’ on a cooking show, it has amazing recipes for ice creams, pastries, slow cooked meats, and other wonderful culinary delights from chef Thomas Keller’s Napa Valley restaurant, The French Laundry. Here is a minimalist modern kitchen design, worthy of the hours (days) of prep these recipes require. Cooking must haves: huge prep spaces, gas burners, ample natural lighting, and seamless polished floors for easy clean-up! Trendir is an amazing site with well designed interior/exterior spaces and unique twists on everyday objects with practical functions.



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