We’ll Trim the Tree With Christmas Lights

{Hat: RW&CO}{Coat: Juicy Couture}{Gloves: Nine West}{Dress: H&M}

The Tree of Perfection!


Watching Carefully Where I Put the Lights...

I Spy With My Little Eye...

...Not Carefully Enough...

The Rest of the Glass: In My Foot 😦

Boiling Water

Cows Hot Chocolate!

Me & My Love

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We were debating on getting a Christmas tree this year…after all we live in a bachelor apartment, but in the end tradition won! We bought our very first tree tonight, cranked the holiday tunes, drank some delicious hot chocolate, and decorated the evening away! We bought our ornaments (so far) for $19.00, the tree stand – $12.00, 100 lights – $8.00, and of course the tree – $20.00 …all at Superstore! I’m hoping to pick up some red ribbon to add some color and a tree skirt from Winners.


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