Welcome, Preston

Nate Forgot We Finally Had A Couch...


We’ve been married for over four months now, the only thing we’ve lacked in our small bachelor apartment is a couch. We ordered this Preston sofa from The Brick and it was delivered this morning! It is a slightly odd color grey, so I we are going to switch out the red Ikea rug for a black and cream Ikea rug we bought on our honeymoon. The birch shelving, coffee table and lamp are all Ikea as well. Can you see the trend here?

Curling up and reading December’s issue of Harpers and finishing this delicious chocolate croissant from our 2 If By Sea breakfast this morning!


5 thoughts on “Welcome, Preston

  1. I LOVE your style. That would be my choice for a couch. Ask Katie. That’s what I would pick. Clean lines, not overstuffed, firm but comfortable. Much like myself. Ahahah – I kill me…

  2. Eeeeek – I think we’re getting the same sofa. B-e-a-u-tiful! It has the clean lines and colour that I want, and the comfy-ness that Dan wants 🙂 We both win…

  3. I googled the preston sofa to see the variety of colors/fabrics available, and came upon your blog. I love your sofa, could you please tell me what color and fabric you chose? Thanks!

  4. Hi, I’ve also been looking at this couch and I really like the graphite fabric (it looks like that’s what you chose). Has the couch held up well since you got it? What about the fabric, has it faded or pilled at all?

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