I’ve spent the last week working like crazy to get this final project finished for advance photo critique. It’s my nine credit course, so it’s really going to affect my GPA if I get a low mark. It’s also the class I’ve been failing…eep… so the pressure was on to have a solid final body of work!

I’ve constructed a series of “skin graphs” by painting white liquid latex on sections of my skin, then taking detailed photographs of the scars and lines of my skin. It takes hours to cure and is still extremely delicate unless you build up many many layers. In order to not have it curl up and stick together, it needs to be brushed with glycerin, which is horrible for harsh highlights, especially under the lighting conditions I need in order to expose the shadows to bring out every detail of my skin pattern. I tried a few different things, but so far corn starch has worked the best. It’s ultra fine and smooth, so even though it does fill in some minor details, for the most part the intricity is amazing!

I’ve waited until basically the last minute to shoot the skin samples (and I keep re-doing them) because the D700 still isn’t in yet. Today was our last class before our final crit and Susan let us take the class to work in the studio. I booked one of the epson printers and finished printing all my images on luster Epson pro paper.

I can’t afford to frame all my prints for our last class, but for the show in the spring I’ll need to finish them up. Prints look much much more finished in a frame, but even if I could afford them…I have no wheres to store them in our storage-less apartment. Irregardless, it feels so good to have another class behind me! One step closer to Christmas break and French Macarons mmm mmm


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