Business Cards

Business Card – Matte Reverse made through Vista Print Canada, an online site that lets you upload your own premium business cards, one side glossy, the other side matte. I was a little disappointed in the color balancing on the image and vividness of the cards in general, but thats what I get for not taking the time to run some proofs, overall it is satisfying to have something to pass around the city with my info on it.  So begins the commercial/portrait portion of my career as a photographer…I haven’t had the time to complete a lot of commercial work yet (as you can tell) and the website isn’t quite finished, but it’s a start and is going to become my Christmas break project – second to trying my hand at French Macaron baking and design 😉

One thought on “Business Cards

  1. Like the business cards – like the sound of
    “Lou Photography” – short and easy to remember. Would this picture be of my darling grand-daughter – those really were great pics btw.

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