Nikon D700

The Nikon D700 – full frame, superb noise control in extremely low lighting conditions, high ISO performance, as many as 8 fps (with the battery grip), and increased AF performance in low light…could I ask for anything more? Well maybe the D3, but at this point in my university career I’ll take what I can afford.

This past week has been a bit of a let down for me. To begin with I got progressively sicker as the week came to an end, missing a much needed 8.5 hour shift at RW&CO yesterday, while sleeping away Remembrance Day afternoon, yesterday afternoon having at the back of my mind the semester close, with a 5,000 word research paper for Postcolonialism, a presentation of all my research in less then two weeks, a 2,000 word research paper for 18th c., and a massive photo project for APC 4000. The latter I have chosen to represent my corpse with liquid latex, a difficult and tedious medium that requires a lot of assistance (and patience). Oh, and at the beginning of the week I dropped my camera, which was fine, but my flash snapped off the hot shoe leaving me with two tiny pieces of broken black plastic and a flash (still in perfect condition otherwise) completely un-usable.

The bright side of all of this? I almost have enough money to buy the Nikon D700! Hopefully by Monday afternoon I’ll be holding the beauty in my hands, and just in time to shoot my final project as well as finish up the MacGillivray Law corporate session at the New Glasgow branch. Also on my agenda is to maybe pick out a new lens, something with a very wide aperture and good for close ups and portraits. Hmmmm. Here’s to a better week!


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