Dance, Sing, Floss, & Travel

Yoga is my new obsession! I did not go to the gym for three months, and my swipe card was (hypothetically) gathering a lot of dust. I figured the only way to ease myself back into the routine was to join a class! I go to Goodlife Fitness, there are about ten different city locations, but I go to both women’s clubs – in Clayton Park and Joe Howe Superstore, and they have ‘fit flow’ classes which is a basic yoga class designed to tone and strengthen core muscles (and all muscles by the way I feel the next day). It is my new love! Of course this makes lululemon on Spring Garden all the more tempting to drop by a grab some new gear…resist resist resist… Here are my six web picks to add to my Christmas wish list 😉


One thought on “Dance, Sing, Floss, & Travel

  1. Hi Chloe –

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying our yoga classes.

    You may also enjoy Body Flow (a fusion of yoga, Pilates and tai-chi). It’s offered at several clubs in your area so just visit our website to view a complete class schedule.

    Or, check out our new blog, Living the GoodLife, to get yoga tips & delicious recipe ideas:

    Let us know what you think of Body Flow if you decide to try it!

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