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It is beginning to be a tradition – family pictures on Thanksgiving weekend. It is somewhat frustrating to be the photographer and the subject (focusing, set-up, auto timer) This year my brother Ben had to work until 6. I knew trying to light a shoot in the evening with the ISO and horrible light possibilities of my little D60 I needed a lot of extra help. I signed the dynalight kit out from school and two soft boxes, but forgot one crucial element: the flash adapter. I thought my camera was advanced enough to have capabilities for adding an external light source – I was wrong! By the time we had driven 2.5 hours to Amherst and set the entire kit up, ready to shoot and realized I missed the “key” to the whole system. *sigh. Our turkey was cooked and waiting, pumpkin pie cooling on the stove and the sun had already sunk below the hill so I quickly improvised by setting the camera to bulb setting and metered the light from the soft-boxes, getting Grammy to basically activate shutter and flash simultaneously, fraction of seconds apart. I don’t think she appreciated it very much, and it took a lot of tries for her to get the hang of it, and to get images with no motion blur (even though everyone was very good about being absolutely still) but we did! We spent so much time getting a family shot we barely set up anything different…but it worked out! Here are some of the results…


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