Pat & Sarah’s Wedding Album

Pat & Sarah’s album arrived this week, and is looking fabulous! The pages are printed photo paper mounted to sturdy matte board and bound with leather on the spine and back cover with a photo wrap for the front cover. The album is 8″x10″, has 42 lay-flat pages and is color balanced perfectly! I was very impressed by the quality of the album and it’s nice to know I have the extra ‘finishing touch’ to offer potential clients.

I printed off some labels for ‘Lou Photography’, and am hoping to get some business cards printed up in the next few weeks. The website is almost ready to be published, and I’ve been steadily working away at my huge final assignment & presentation of Fried’s “Barthes Punctum” from his book “Why Photography Matters as Art as Never Before” for advanced photo critique, some lengthy research for my Postcolonialism senior seminar class and a research paper proposal for 18th c. Art History. Unfortunately this semester does not have a lot of “visual interest” that I can post.

I worked my second RW&CO shift today, and had some really interesting and pleasant customers that made me think retail at Christmas might not be as bad as I’ve been anticipating! I’m spending the evening finishing up the ‘hometown’ thank-you cards to take back to Amherst tomorrow where Nate and I are headed to gorge our bellies on mom’s delicious turkey feast.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!


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