Branding Myself

One of the hardest parts of becoming an photographic artist, or in any medium, is learning how to brand, market, and promote yourself. Whether it is for your artistic practice or for your “job” as a commercial photographer earning income, choosing the right name is only the beginning! Once you get into developing ‘yourself’ as a commercial ‘brand’ if you like there are so many other things to consider!

I’ve been working on this website now for months, trying to work out the kinks – choosing the right photo’s, backgrounds, and fonts. The choices never end! Sometimes it feels like I am just going in circles. I created this site with Wix, its actually a free web design program that (very easily!) lets you personalize existing flash templates or create your own from scratch. I did a bit of both within pages and mini pages, now its just letting myself finish it enough to publish! If I can ever get to that point I will upgrade my site so I can add my domain name, and start handing out business cards.

Graduation is looming and with the art market being so narrow, I am starting to very carefully consider other options. This is my starting point, and it will be fun to see how it progresses from here!


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