Denis Guidone and the Watch That Will Be

I’ve been on the hunt for quite some time now (3 years) for the perfect watch. It needs to be in the simplest form: demonstrating a clever and unique design, a traditional round face, preferably black &/or white/chrome – minimalism and modernity are a must. Needless to say it has been a very difficult search, until now. Designed by Denis Guidone these two watches are exactly what I am looking for. The first, named  “Ora Unica” (One Hour) has two interfaces that whose lines change independently, one to represent the hour and the other the minute. Problem is: these are only prototypes eventually to be produced by Italian (of course) design company NAVA.

Having gone this long without one, it is possible that I can continue to wait until their production date, but here is another option I’ve been considering.

Swiss made, designed by Ross McBride for Normal Timepieces, average price 175 Euros *GULP

My left wrist has been naked for far to long…Christmas gift anyone?? 😉


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