After Pier 39 in San Francisco

On medium, heat olive oil in a large frying pan

Coat two large pieces of fish (cod or haddock works best) evenly on both sides with your favorite taco seasoning mix (PC Mild taco we used)

Finely chop iceberg lettuce, onion and other veggies of choice

Our cod was slightly overcooked and started to fall apart, ideally it would crisp up

Fold ingredients with a generous helping of sour cream and salsa over two large flour tortillas

Add hot tasty fish!

A generous dip of sour cream

An iced Dr. Pepper

When Nate was in San Francisco he discovered something neither of us had ever tried before: fish tacos! Last night we used fresh Atlantic cod to make this delicious meal; olive oil, PC Taco seasoning mix (which was a bit bland…could use a bit of heat and garlic), PC soft white tortillas, iceberg lettuce, white onion, PC Medium Salsa (see a trend here?) and Baxter’s sour cream.

I feel like this blog is becoming more about food than anything else, but hey I’m a girl that loves a good meal! Speaking of which, we just finished eating Italian stuffed chicken breasts…


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