House With A View

What do you get when you are browsing Trendir, watching the premier of Hell’s Kitchen and feeling the need for well cooked cuisine?

Le Bernardin – Rated #1 out of almost 7,000 restaurants in New York, with a delightful dinner menu composed mainly of seafood – what could be more perfect? Choices include a dish of warmed sea scallop slivers, lime zest and tangerine leaf, coconut milk and Aji pepper emulsion or a baked skatee and langoustine “Paupiette”, with charred shitake mushroom and a brown butter flavoured dashi broth. Adding that to my lengthy list of  New York to-do’s.

Eco-friendly Costa Rican utopia! On

A kitchen to enjoy many hours of cooking!

A more fulfilling use of artificial light could not be found

Designed by Robles Arquitectos architects, this paradisaical Costa Rican cottage has splendid views, a simple and stunning interior and views that could rival the majority of the worlds’ greatest private estates and hotels. Clean lines, a bright palette and simplicity dominate this extraordinary space that invites and makes the most of natural light – in a bright or misty day in the rain forest. The way the entire structure comes alive at dusk with artificial light is amazing! Only adding to the nature of this home is its sustainability in almost every way possible. Read the whole story here.


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