Spud Love

Simple toppers: salt, ground pepper, butter

Local Red Spuds: Skins infused with flavor and fluffy meaty insides

Rubbed with olive oil and salt, baked at 350F for one hour

Ready to eat!

Local Salty Scotsburn Butter

Digging in

Nothing says desert like a glass of cold milk and Pillsbury oven-ready cookies 😉

By the time the heat of summer has finally left our apartment, I always start drooling over all of the lengthy oven-baked goodies I’ve been missing out on for a few months. The chilly weather we’ve been enjoying since Hurricane Earl swept the hot humidity away has had me baking cakes, stuffed chicken breasts, trifles, mini casseroles, and most recently – baked potatoes. Last week Nate & I had supper at the Keg, indulging in mouth watering steaks and baked potatoes smothered in sour cream, butter, green onions and bacon bits. Memories of the fall fair, delicious home cooked dinners at Grams, and when-can-I-eat-this-again kept going through my mind the whole time. Which is why we have a 10lb bag of spuds in the bottom shelf of the fridge, waiting to be baked and devoured.


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