The Return of Gossip Girl

Dress: Topshop Clutch: Prada Shoes: Christian Louboutin Headband: Topshop

After anxiously ticking off all of these summer Monday nights, Gossip Girl finally returns! Besides the characters, infinitely the best part of the show is the cast wardrobe. It must be a dream to be stylist Eric Daman, to go through rack after rack of designer threads to create Blair & Serena’s signature looks. I can barely contain my excitement to watch the season premier! Here’s a look I would put together for Blair to wear this fall, if only my pocketbook could handle the bill, I would add this ensemble to my own full closet!

Other anxious thoughts running through my mind – the husband, who is waiting on a standby flight somewhere mid-USA after spending the week hiking Yosemite National Park with his brother. He missed his flight due to passport loss/misplacement and is scheduled to arrive in the early am. I miss the man so he better walk off that plane at 1:53 sharp.

Heres to many more Monday nights!


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