Oh, Topshop

And so the final year of my university experience and education begins on Wednesday. I feel like I am especially thrilled by the necessity of a  “back-to-school” shopping trip from the lack of them during my grade school days of being a home-schooled child. I am trying to budget myself by getting key staple fall pieces from H&M and Joe and saving myself the extra buck to tuck away for gallery shows at the end of the term. H&M had amazing skinny leg trousers, I am not calling them “jeggings” because I detest that name, but they have zippered sides so they don’t fit in that category anyways! They are a cotton/elastane blend of high-waisted-tight-fitting-everyday-riding-pant-goodness and will pair perfectly with any blouse, wrap sweater, blazer – well lets just say everything! So I bought them in camel and navy, at 14.95 they were a steal. This mushroom print blouse would tuck itself into them fabulously along with these well shaped booties and (amazing!) black leather bow bag from Topshop. How do you complete this “back-to-school” ensemble for rainy-fog-ridden Halifax? With a blazing red umbrella, how else.

I am without a husband for the next week. Him and his brother Kenny flew out to sunny Cal this morning to hike & camp the half dome in Yosemite National Park, and then on to visit the oh so lovely San Francisco. I have a stack of thank-you cards to keep my busy, but our giant bed will be daunting to sleep in alone. So far I’ve found tiny love notes tucked into my laptop and a pair of pants – such a darling he is. Hopefully I find them slowly so they will last the week….


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