Cottage Country

An hour from the small town I grew up there are two even smaller communities known as Economy and Five Islands. Property there is relatively inexpensive to purchase, the local residents are wonderful people, and the Bay of Fundy is at your doorstep. There are cliffs of fossils, where many dino-bones have been discovered, the worlds highest & lowest tides, an abundance of clams to dig, and an entire bay of ice cold water right at your doorstep to kayak, cool down in, or walk across the ocean floor to the surrounding islands (thats how low the tides go out!).

Growing up we used to have at least one Saturday outing to the community to visit That Dutchman’s Farm, camp overnight along the bay, hike the many waterfalls that are plentiful in the region, or just enjoy the gorgeous drive along the water.

I think it would be the perfect getaway location to reno a tiny cottage by the ocean.

Or design and build an architectural piece like this one – inspired by the sharp lines of the local cliffs and the surrounding natural environment.

A cozy fireplace to curl up with a good magazine & cradle a cup of joe in a winters getaway


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