A & M

Adam & Megan



So many little lights!

Garter Dance

Me & My love

Sunken Ships in Sydney

Train Track Flowers

The Crazy Beautiful Cape Breton Island - Driving Home

Crazy Husband!

We decided against the Cabot Trail when we discovered it clouded and raining

Passing everyone on the road!

Our very own Windows background haha

One of Nate’s friends he grew up with got married in Sydney, Cape Breton over the weekend. We had an fantastic time at their wedding which started at 2:00 pm and went straight until 2:00 in the morning! There was lots of laughs, very humorous stories, jokes, an amazing DJ, fantastic group of friends and a whole lot of celebration! What an amazing day it was for them!

We had Sunday off and were going to take advantage of the entrance to the Cabot Trail being on route back to Halifax but decided against it due to a huge rain cloud that was hanging over the north end of the island. Saving it for Thanksgiving weekend perhaps?!


One thought on “A & M

  1. Hey that was the same spot where Amy and Timothy had their reception! The bride looked stunning! I’m glad you had a fun weekend!! xos

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