Buskers 2010

When the Buskers come to a close, it is yet another signal that summer is quickly disappearing and fall is just around the corner! This years Busker festival was smaller with a lot less talent then previous years. With more individual side shows as opposed to well-choreographed groups, there wasn’t as big of a draw for me and I only went down to see a few shows. Here’s a few shots Nate took from one evening we got out to see them.

Classes resume in twenty-one days! To say that I am extremely excited to begin the final year of my degree would be an understatement. I have a nine credit advanced photo critique course each semester, and twelve other credits divided between four history classes to reach the requirements for my minor. Two of my history classes are especially intriguing – one on the collections and histories of the worlds museums, and a fourth year post-colonialism in craft seminar class with a prof who is so incredible, that class should be fantastic (in any of the topics). I generally have excellent  professors & instructors for all six classes: the year holds so many possibilities and completing large bodies of work will feel amazing!


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