The Sea-Road Home

We’ve been married for two weeks now! It’s so hard to believe that our wedding and honeymoon are over. Our day was completely perfect! I would not change a single thing, from the start of the rehearsal on Thursday night I knew everything was coming together splendidly. The weather, the timing, the locations, photographer, venue, food, decorations, outfits, flowers, hair – everything was better than what I had imagined and could not have asked for anything differently! We had an absolutely amazing day vacation, cruising on the Holland America Veendam from New York to Bermuda. We spent a day walking around old St Georges, and several days with a rented scooter touring the entire island inside out. We visited every beach on the map, found favorite locations, fantastic restaurants recommended by a lovely older local couple celebrating 50 years of marriage, got caught in a massive sudden downpour, witnessed their national holiday & Cup Match (cricket), seen a shark, walked 84 steps underground to see a massive cave and underwater cavern, ate gourmet meals until we thought we’d burst, and took a thousand photographs to remember it all! Woke up sailing down the Hudson and watching the sun rise over New York city skyscrapers, disembarked quickly, got pizza only New York does best at 9:30 am, drove and drove and drove, packed the car as tight as it could handle at the Boston Ikea, discovered the new border crossing by accident, and chased the sunrise from Amherst to Halifax.
It feels so great to be home again! I’ve spent the last few days unpacking, opening wedding gifts, settling back into a work routine. Its very exciting to be back in time for Buskers on the waterfront! Looking forward to a weekend off and catching up on sleep!

Happy Friday everyone!


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