T-Minus 14 Days

I haven’t updated my blog at all this summer & truth is I quite miss it. The summer days are filled with work (& this year around wedding to-do’s) BBQ’s, beach days, boardwalk strolls, & did I mention work? Since work is, well, work & school is not in session there is not much to report these days on the web about my life!

You’ve all seen the bridesmaids dresses in their development & our venue, the table centerpieces which are a collective of those images, my wonderful ice silver Chiavari chairs from McFarlands! Of course there needs to be some surprises from the actual events of the day!

Here is the latest & pretty much final purchase to show: the girls headbands for the day & one pink bow band for me 🙂 (rehearsal supper & formal nights on the cruise, woot woot)

We booked a seven day cruise from New York to Bermuda for our honeymoon, & plan on making a roadtip/Ikea stop shop by driving down & back. Also on the to-do list for that trip is the scrumptious dessert house Serendipity on 225 east and 60th, NY.

Of course we can’t leave out H&M or Topshop, which I will try to squeeze in on Sunday before we board the ship before 4:30!

I absolutely cannot wait to marry such a wonderful person! Bring on July 23rd!


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