May Day

Hello friends! It’s been so long since I updated Sweetwine & Snowflakes, I feel guilty lying here and finally posting once again.

We spent the long weekend in PEI at a ministry conference with Adam & Beth, and were disappointingly not encouraged by the ministry. I developed a cold that also made focusing a little difficult Sunday afternoon, but we the weather was wonderful and we were in the best of company so it made a lovely long weekend after all.

Monday mom cooked Nate and I a delicious blueberry/chocolate chip pancake spread before we went walking with the family at the Sackville waterfowl park. I wanted some nice photo’s to use at the wedding for various purposes and mom wanted to get familiar with my camera gear so we had a fun afternoon of picture taking! Which meant lots of time loving Nate 😉

The Amherst assembly & friends from the area threw us our first wedding shower before we headed back to the city.

Now its back for another week at Cows, and next weekend Kyal & I head back to PEI for the annual staff “Cow Wow” and two days of managers meetings. It will be exciting to meet the new management from our west coast stores!


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