De-constructing Life

One of my last violin lessons - in loving memory of my teacher, Mrs. Costin

Broken strings and my beginner finger markings I never had a chance to remove

An old box of photo's from my teenage homeschool days

A bag of all the wonderful objects that remain of my childhood

Its back to work for me! I’ve put in three ten hour days of straight unpacking four pallets of merchandise for Cows, thankfully the store is in a good state to open for the 2010 season on Friday! We have an awesome store, and a new great tee in Sangria…which is the best shade to date! Much to my dismay, my plans to move all of my ‘memories’ and winter clothes I won’t use over the next two months into Nate’s were brought to a halt. To the displeasure of my room mate they are looking like they will be there until my next day off…which is  11 days away. Here is a few things that brought back a lot of memories and some much needed rubbish sorting.


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