NSCAD’s 20th Wearable Art Show

Here is an amazing piece designed by Derrick Dixon titled the Phoenix Dress. It was fantastic to watch him design the piece in the studio beginning with the bodice then seeing the final piece on the runway along with the video above & photo’s from the shoot displayed in the balcony gallery at the Wearable Art Show.

Wednesday was the 20th annual Wearable Art Show for NSCAD, held this year in the Olympic Center on the corner of Cunard and Hunter. It was a long day filled with dress rehearsal, garment fittings, hair appointments (mine: courtesy of FRED Salon) & make-up (mine by the artists from MAC in the Halifax Shopping Center) I was there from 11:00 in the morning until the show started at 8:00, until (of course) when it ended at 11:00.

It was a completely fantastic show! Everything flowed very smoothly with no noticeable interruptions. I modeled an outfit designed & made by Gillian Hannah Berry, of The Risk It Took To Bloom. I think she ended up with ten pieces altogether in the show, which were a big success, with commissions for a few of her pieces.

The Coast wrote a great article on Paulina and Derrick’s pieces, & Unfiltered Smoke has an even better write up on Derrick’s Phoenix Dress!

It was a great night to end the semester with! I had my last draping class Tuesday morning, with good crits on all three of my dresses (designed for my bridesmaids) & then wrote my last exam for Photo History in the afternoon. It was the easiest exam I have ever written! Bring on the summer!


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