Reception Centerpieces

Silver Chiavari Chairs, Bow Soap Favors from Etsy Seller Satin and Birch

With our grey, white & pink wedding palette any of these four reception settings would  be perfect! I am pretty sure I want to do all white tablecloths & china, with the silver chiavari chairs & the centerpieces from the second image with hydrangeas, greenery & silver branches, & lots of candles. In fact, my wonderful mother has already agreed to go find the perfect branches this week!

Nate & I are on our way to the Gladstone rooftop this afternoon to explore the space & see how we would lay things out. Aren’t these pink & white bow soaps from Etsy seller Satin & Birch just a dream?! They come pre-packaged, three for 12.00.  She sells other great cast soap shapes too – horses, roses & even a dancing couple!


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