Wedding Preparations

Beth's gorgeous patent pumps

Jo’s lovely rose t-strap pumps

A week ago Nate & I set the date for our wedding this summer: July 23! We are planning on having a small private ceremony on a rooftop event space with huge windows and an open balcony that overlooks the city. I’ll post some pictures later on when we go see it together.

I am pretty well decided on everything that I want,  so the planning won’t take anytime at all!  Beth has been completely amazing with sending me phone numbers for rentals, finding dresses (ordered!), wedding bands, our shoes (hers and Jo’s already ordered) and calling the venue for me.

After her wedding last summer, she is a complete pro in the wedding planning department! Here are some amazing images from her day shot by Alex & Kate MacAulay.

Beautiful Beth

A & B walking along Lower Water Street

Nate, Corbin, Adam, Nick & Scott

His or Hers

Such a fun & lovely wedding 🙂

I am making the girls’ dresses myself, I spent this mornings draping class drafting and prepping the patterns for the bridesmaids dresses based on Beth’s, Lydia’s, and Joanna’s measurements I took yesterday. I have some lovely grey and white poplin that will be the structured part of the dresses and I need to visit Atlantic Fabrics (Fabricville is all out) to find the pure white chiffon that will be draped over the bodices and skirts in three individual designs.


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