Sushi Failures

Before the rice fell off!

The fillings: avocado, grilled asparagus and mushrooms, cream cheese, cucumber and green onion

Rolling it up, improvised replacement for bamboo: cling wrap over a paper towel (Worked quite nicely too!)

Early success, cream cheese, cucumber and avocado roll

Kikkoman Soy Sauce

Sushi wouldn't be sushi without wasabi!

The finished mild successes!

It seems like this blog has become less and less about school and more and more about food! Maybe because most of this semester has been spent listening to lectures and writing papers as opposed to actually being in the studio’s. Anyways, here is my first attempt at home sushi making that has ended in failure, as I didn’t follow the recipe and used jasmine rice instead of sushi rice. They looked fine but as soon as you tried to dip them in soy sauce the rice on the outside of the roll fell off – fail! I was also turned off by the very strong smell of the seaweed sheets when they are first wet with the rice, so I only ate two and fed the rest to Nate, who said they tasted like sushi, and would have been a success if it wasn’t for the rice! Oh me who needs to listen to instructions!

Right now I am sitting in a big comfy armchair in the children’s section of the Halifax Public Library trying to come up with a good craft idea, that I have to write a proposal paper for due Friday and an object/final presentation of my idea on the last day of class. I have two different ideas, one is to create a hypothetical webpage where parents can upload large photo files of their children to be made into life size posters they can color and use to document growth as a wall chart. The second is similar, but instead of life size photo’s the images get made into vinyl images that can be easily stuck and removed from windows. The problem with both is the research for the paper, I need current information on the children’s craft industry (which there is none) and supporting marketing research (also none). I’ve gone through dozens of books and scoured the NY Times website for articles – nothing. So Dr Afoldy, if you are reading this I am researching, really I am, but I am coming up empty.


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