One of the hardest things about being an independent seller, is the early stages of marketing and finding people to buy your product. Since being established in 2005, Etsy has become an incredible online marketplace for crafter’s to buy and sell. As I have found over the past few months, many people will love what you are making but finding the right buyer is somewhat of a challenge. One tool that Etsy has to promote new sellers and allow them the pride of their first sale is the ‘Pounce’ option for fellow Etsians to find original products of sellers who have not yet been ‘discovered’. Although there is a lot of repetitive objects, there are some new sellers with really great ideas and it is always fun to ‘find them first’. I am hoping to make this post a weekly feature here on my blog, as I feel promoting fellow entrepreneurs is vital to the growth of the crafter’s community. Here are several I found today, if only I could buy it all!

[L-R] [T-B] 2chicksnapaintbrush: fine art canvas, spinacheater: ceramic art container, madderroot: printed hand towel, modernseeds: 4 cloth bound magnets, forgottendolls: fine art sculpture, mizzshelley: repurposed vintage button ring, cuylerhoveyking: ring, queenbeehoney: beeswax stick lip balm, skennedyart: ceramic mug, FREDDYFABULON: vintage 70’s watch, ModernSnap: fine art photo print


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