Lazy March Days

In keeping with the tradition of “Spring Cleaning” I have been making an effort to eat down my massive food storage – pantry and frozen. I love fresh food: hummus, scrambled eggs, crunchy baked bread, chicken salads, pita wraps, mango’s, guacamole, cream cheese, ect. but in keeping up with this habit I tend to neglect my dry goods (cereal, pasta, crackers, canned soups, tuna, ect). Then when fresh goods such as meat and veggies begin to reach their expiry dates I bundle them up and pop them in the freezer. Which leaves me with a lot of excess food, that I am now committed to eating down before I grocery shop again.

So lately without the excess fresh goodies, my meals have been on the unhealthy side. One of the better choices I’ve made is this pork stir fry, made from a frozen Thai veggie mix and seasoned pork strips leftover from a fondue/wine night. I’ve spent the afternoon post History of Photography catching up on my March issue of Vogue, updating my very weak nail polish collection with this lovely Revlon #915 rosy nude polish in ‘Creme Brule’, and eating down the three boxes of Toffifee that have been on my shelf since Christmas.

In the next few weeks, I hope to tackle my closet, reverse my seasonal clothing and maybe update my summer wardrobe with some pieces I’ve designed (dresses and shorts, mostly).

I got an excellent mark on my body form for Draping, I lost half marks for the shaping of the outer layer and the construction of the sewn sections. Overall I’m very pleased with my form, and look forward to using it for many years – or as long as it is still relevant to my body dimensions 😉


One thought on “Lazy March Days

  1. Your day looked fun and relaxing. I know just how you feel about eating all of the pantry food ( I am currently in the same process). It leads to some pretty interesting dinner combos and makes you crave veggies!:)

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