Luggage Identity Crisis

I can remember the first time I saw them, walking through the tiny strip mall in my hometown: a glorious four piece matching luggage set. It was September, I had just started grade ten and the local luggage store was filled with new book bags, duffel bags and purses. They were bright pink, with big Hawaiian flowers all over them. For some reason, I looked at that set and it was the only thing in the world I needed, that somehow it would complete me as a person. I hadn’t done a lot of travelling, mostly overnight or weekend getaways. Some weeks in the summer I would spend at a friends house but I was definitely not a world traveler at any rate, but it was the only present I asked for that Christmas. I woke up on December 25th and there it was, the first two pieces in my set. The rest of it arrived a month later, on my birthday.

April 2007: Leaving Washington, DC

It has served me well over the past six years, I didn’t use the largest upright hardly at all (storage for seasonal clothing mostly) but at the time, owning a matching luggage set was the best thing in the world. I remember how proud I felt pulling it off the conveyor belt at Pearson International in Toronto, the first flight I took it on. Once I graduated high school, it immediately started to lose its sense of identity that it had formed for me. The more months past, embarrassment replaced pride until there was no way those suitcases were being used for anything but dragging laundry home to wash at Thanksgiving.

Luggage is just so personal, it is as important as a purse or handbag and in my experience it can make or break connecting flights if your dragging bags and trying to condense everything together. I’ve been borrowing luggage now for over a year. I didn’t have much time in New York, I wanted a 21″ or 25″ upright and a rolling duffel, I did find them. This grey Oxford London Fog set at Macy’s was exactly what I was looking for, it was my set and everything I wanted. They were sold out of the duffel in grey and I really wanted a matching set: so I waited.

Should I have settled for the brown? Now that I am back in Nova Scotia, finding a set has been harder than ever. In a few hours my pink set should be leaving my storage closet forever, thanks to a buyer I found on Kijiji. The urgent need to find new pieces to replace them is getting stronger! Amazon and ebay searches have turned up empty, due to sellers not wanting to ship to Canada. I found this great site here, Luggage Guy with a few options. Here are a few of my possibilities:

DVF Runway Luggage collection, the 25″ upright and 21″ rolling duffel in olive and bronze. I am really drawn to these two pieces, the design is perfect, even though the duffel doesn’t have quite as nice of a shape as the London Fog Oxford bag, but the color I’m a little unsure of.

I could always break away from getting a matching set, these two pieces also from DVF wouldn’t be bad given the upright is a truer black than it looks in this image!

The search continues! Among the spring “must haves” list is updating my swim wear, the elastic in my favorite suit is no good [after one years use 😦 ] I will post some of my purchases at a later date, Victoria’s Secret Swim is probably my ordering sight for this beach season. Of course there is my Nubody’s membership that needs updating at the end of my street 😉 Its time to get ready for summer!


2 thoughts on “Luggage Identity Crisis

  1. Oh how our tastes change as we get older. But your set served it’s purpose for those years.

    Good luck with finding the set for you!

    xxx DJ

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