Happy Spring Break!

Seven days of spring break have finally arrived! Finishing term papers tests and assignments was a bit stressful with the extra class I’ve been taking but everything is in and hallelujah the break is here. No classes for a week and I will be in New York City!!! I have been throughly blessed with the opportunity to travel to New York with my reconfigured class. Its not something I could have done without the school, so thank-you NSCAD!

I guess I have been taking a lot of things for granted lately. Today there was a one hour session by Moksha yoga studio as part of an interactive exhibition at theAnna that I attended between classes. Spread across my little pink mat on the gallery floor I let go all of my stress and frustrations from the past week and was left thinking about the wonderful life I have. Here are five things I am thankful for from the last seven days. What positive impacts have you had this week?

1.) My amazing, wonderful boyfriend, Nate. He is completely understanding, calms me down, supports me, and has made my life an absolute joy! This picture we took on the Dartmouth ferry, from a b&w film he developed yesterday. Theres just an essence about film that digital imaging has not yet caught up to.

2.) Sony VAIO laptop: my first happy experience with a personal computer, I am daily amazed by what I can accomplish in short amounts of time. Last year my devotion was 100% on the doorstep of Apple, but Windows7 has remarkably made believe that Microsoft can indeed create a user friendly interface. Matched with this beautiful Sony design the first two months of this semester have been greatly impacted, thanks to this laptop!

3.) [iPhone] This is popular culture at its finesse: I don’t say this very often but everyone needs one! The interface on this phone can barely be matched by any other – full crisp website formats are just one luxury, speed and apps for the phone are wonderful as well. Its so easy to navigate, one touch brings e-mail, blogs, bus schedules and so much more so quickly its hard to believe I ever used any other phone. I don’t even have music loaded yet, and already my 45 min bus commute goes by in no time, Facebook messages, tweets and e-mail are all checked before I even get home. I don’t read very much, so bus rides were once empty time.

4.) Hallifax snow turns to slush as soon as day breaks so its safe to say this was the best 45.00 I have spent in a very long time. These waterproof rain boots from Aldo are lined, sturdy and keep every drop of wet nasty slush off my feet. This week has been extremely wet, especially after Wednesday’s snowstorm and the mild weather we’ve had for two days.

5.) Laughing Cow individually wrapped soft cheeses! Better than chocolate, cupcakes, cookies or any sweet you can buy 32 of these tasty treats at Costco. They are the perfect melt in your mouth amazing cheese wedges: only 35 calories with 3 g of fat. I’ll take…32 please.

I’m sure this list might be different by the end of next week: look out New York City! Happy Spring Break everyone!


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