A February Snow Day

On this cold Wednesday morning  Halifax woke up to forty cm of snow! Roads were closed, bus routes were backed up and many businesses closed for the day. The school children all over the city had their first snow day, as did many of the universities including NSCAD. Since Wednesday’s are my days off anyways, I didn’t realize this until I took the slow bus ride down to school after the roads were cleared. Frustrated because I needed to print off my assignment to assemble for todays crit in Reconfigured Image, but not wanting our biggest storm of the year to go to waste, I shot some of our courtyard covered in the white fluffy snow, did some banking and headed for home.


I picked up some supplies from my locker in the fashion studio, here is my finished brown tape body form for Draping. I’ve had it finished now for while but they get marked over the break so its nice not to worry about completing it before NYC.

I capped the ends, top and bottom, and the shoulders with black vinyl, hand-sewed the sides and attached India tape to cover up all of the seams. Its made from sturdy organic cotton, which made it difficult to perfectly fit to the body form as it had absolutely no give on the straight. Leaving the studio I seen this tiny installation in a removed brick section on the staircase. I loved the ‘guestbook’ : a 1″ tiny zine where you could leave one word responses.


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