Curious George

Spending the day working on pillow coverings. For the last four hours I’ve been listening to Owl City, hand-sewing tiny stitches and tying them off to gather the chiffon into the vinyl. Its a really slow process that adds a lot to the labor time, but this is after all my favorite design: lets hope the end result is worth it. My Grammy bought me this wonderful Curious George tin lunch box at Sweet Jane’s for my birthday, and it has made a wonderful sewing case! I love the transfered hand illustrated design, and it fits all of my pins, thread, tapes, pencils and scissors perfectly. I have a photography assignment, photo history test and a term research paper all due next week. I am only going to have twenty pillows finished before I leave for New York but its still going to be tight to get them all photographed packaged and posted on Etsy before I leave. It was great to get the ad cards printed off last weekend, now I can just work like crazy!

My “Saturday Morning” studio for the hand-sewing parts. Headed downtown to the studio to finish these 8 pillows off on the machines!


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