Neutral Loves

Steadily working away at building a large collection of pillows to post on February 20th! Here is the newest pillow I’ve made, the same as the black and white fringe and lace pillow, only in taupe. Polyester fringe, lace, upholstery vinyl, and an exposed zipper.

I love the soft neutral pallet. I’m working on several more of my favorite, with the chiffon and buttons, both in black and this taupe with a soft de-saturated purple chiffon and silver military buttons. Hopefully will finish some tomorrow to post!

I’m off to see Avatar in Imax 3-D with Nate tonight. If you can believe this, I’ve already seen it, but it wasn’t shown in 3-D!! Going to try to watch all of the nominated films for “Best Picture” at the Academy Awards over the next few weeks. So far I’ve seen District 9, The Hurt Locker, and Up…adding Avatar in 3-D to the list tonight. Almost halfway there!


2 thoughts on “Neutral Loves

  1. Love Love Love!!!! You have to make me one of these! Maybe I will re-do our bedroom and make the theme revolve around one of your fab pillows 🙂

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