Job [Bank?]

I woke up with an agenda: to orderly begin my day, accomplish several “to-do’s” on my list, attend class (stay awake), eat a lovely supper with friends, catch the early show of ‘Leap Year’, and promptly return home and fall fast asleep.

Today things went just that smooth. I needed to do some banking (check), pick up two of my ordered course packs ($133.00 gulp), place a deposit down for the key to the fashion studio ($25.00, check), and cut out as many 21″ X 21″ pillow squares as I could in 3 hours (close to 20).

The rest of the day was pretty un-eventful. It was a full day, my time management skills were tested and did succeed. The most out-of-place moment was when my name wasn’t on the fashion studio ‘permission’ list and I had to run up four flights of stairs to the student services office (which decided to post-pone opening until 10:00 am), then proceed up two more flights of stairs to the business office where I convinced the ladies to call downstairs to the service center and put me on the list – its not their job, but they did it! Thank-you!

I get nervous every time I think about what I am investing in opening this shop on Etsy. I try to make myself feel better by browsing current sellers who sell 16″16″ pillows (mine are 20″X20″) for more than what I intend, and theirs are only fabric with nothing added in design features to make them unique. I am also going to market myself to the best of my ability with business cards and pamphlets, here and in New York! This is my new job, the job banks are letting me down with zero responses to the dozens of resumes I have submitted in the last two weeks.

There are no real updates as far as the New York is concerned, our application was the first received for the subsidy. My professor is writing up an impressive itinerary for the week, with ‘behind-the-scenes’ access to MoMA exhibits, and plans to visit the most impressive exhibitions while we are there.

Tomorrows Pop Culture and Craft class in cancelled, Dr. Alfoldy is curating and exhibit at the Olympics! She will be coming back with lots to share with our class, I’m sure. If you can believe it, I’m not even finished my first full week of classes and I am already behind on the reading list.

Pictures to come by Sunday of the first batch of pillows….


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