Reconfigured Image, New York & A Delivery

My day started out classic Monday style – woke up late, fast shower, late for class, didn’t get my morning coffee … ect. ect.

The class I was late for was Reconfigured Image, I have it Monday and Thursday afternoons from 1-5:30 and I have the same professor as last semester (Beyond the Frame). During one of those classes we had briefly discussed the building in New York City that NSCAD owned back in the 70’s & 80’s which students and professors used all the time to visit galleries, special exhibits and meet up with other artists. We had all agreed that given the chance with such an available place to stay we would LEAP at the opportunity to fly to New York and stay as a class.

So today after everyone was settled and prepared for a long afternoon lecture, Bob asked Kelly (TA) if she would like to discuss what she had been ‘researching’ over the weekend. To my extreme excitement she explained a 6 day trip to New York over February break; complete with hostels, flights, and museum/gallery entrance fees at an estimated 271.00! The only way the trip won’t work out is if we aren’t approved for NSCAD’s student subsidy. At the end of break 95% of the class had submitted their applications – including me. Can’t wait! My first trip to New York!

Class ended and I took the bus all the way up to the Canada Post office in Clayton Park to pick up my parcel, after I missed the delivery date on Thursday.

I wasn’t able to concentrate on class at all today, all I could think about was New York, so it was a nice distraction to open another package and see the third and fourth pieces of my Pyrex collection sitting pretty in my kitchen. These beautiful casserole dishes with covers were well packaged and in perfect condition – big thanks to Etsy seller kitshcafe!


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