Popular Culture & Craft

Course Description:

“Craft both suffers and benfits from its intimate links to popular culture. From Martha Stewart and the pottery scene in “Ghost”” to Disney World, Stitch n’ Bitches and DIY activism craft is shaped through its perception as an accessible art form. This course will examine how craft relates to the scholarly field of popular culture by framing historical and contemporary popular culture examples through the lens of class, gender and race to seek answers to the questions around craft’s position as a field of scholarly discourse.”

I chose AHIS 3114 Popular Culture and Craft History for the professor – Dr. Sandra Alfoldy. When I took her 20th Century Craft history class last year I knew that no matter the subject of the course being taught if she was teaching something I would be there. Her classes are well organized, the readings always compliment the course and the subsequent lectures, and papers, exams and assignments are always fun and interesting. Her lectures are the highlight of my week, every week – Dr. Alfoldy has a gift. Humorous, informative and extremely intelligent I sit captivated and listen to every word.

30% of our grade for Popular Culture and Craft is responses to the weeks readings, written in the first 15 minutes of class. Its a brilliant idea to keep us from skipping classes – ironic because I would never willingly miss any of her lectures!

We also have have a term paper due before the February break, a written and physical proposal for a new popular culture craft idea due March 26th, and our final presentations on April 16th. There is a lot of written work but no final exams – bonus!


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