Gone Etsy!

Class let out early today, much to my happiness, and gave me time to register a shop on Etsy and get some designs started for product tags. I also created a photoshop document of possible double sided cards I can print off to advertise my shop around the city.

Sweetwine & Snowflakes on Etsy officially exists – even though there are no items for sale yet 🙂

Besides local advertising, I also need to produce a large body of work before I list a single item. In order to have a successful shop during the semester, I will have to start off with a volume of work larger than I intend to sell, then list a few items every week throughout the term.

I have also been looking into shipping costs. Shipping from Canada is already expensive, it doesn’t help that I live on the coast instead of in a central location.

I am working steadily at getting everything together before I start working a part-time job and get caught up in school. It seems like its all coming together pretty smoothly, as long as I am successful at selling my work!


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