Oh What A Wednesday

Wednesday’s will probably slip into position as my favorite day of the week this semester. I have no classes, so until I become an employee once again, I will have a lovely day in the middle of the week to sleep in, clean, organize, and of course update my blog. I had an amazing breakfast again this morning. Ok it was more like lunch. Adding spinach and alfalfa sprouts to an egg + bacon english muffin with cheddar cheese, mayo, butter, and fresh cracked pepper is as good as eating the goods of a gourmet chef. A positive way to start my day indeed. (The third one I’ve made this week! Shhhhhh) I found amazing english muffins. Better than all the brand names available, Atlantic Superstore’s “no name” baked goodies are the gold in this week’s breakfast-sandwich-in-bed; also the lowest price on the shelf!

I spent my afternoon getting miscellaneous tasks finished before classes resume tomorrow.  I picked up this super soft creamy cardigan shopping at Guys Frenchy’s in Lower Sackville yesterday with Nate. An excellent thrift store find at 3.50, I spent an extra .35 cents on vintage gold buttons and replaced the peeling white ones for a whole new unique look.


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