In With The New


Meet VAIO – the newest addition to my life in 2010.


On my first evening back in the city I dropped my old Toshiba off the side of my bed. If the screen had been closed maybe it would have survived its fall but as fate would have it, the internal screen shattered so badly I could not see a thing.Its certainly not an ideal situation. Starting a new semester and used to relying heavily on computers I was in tears seeing the future. Visions of a sugarplum-less fairy-less computer-less term was bleak [more debt].Nate [being the wonderful  boyfriend that he is] squeezed me until I felt better and woke up the next morning before work to go computer fixing/shopping.Our first stop was Robotnix who told us it would be a couple 100.00 to repair the screen. On a laptop that was 2 years in December this hardly seemed the way to go! We turned to Future Shop expecting at the best to drop 400.00 on a Gateway or HP basic laptop to get me through the year. We harassed the sales guys until they showed us their “best” value …..this little laptop I have been drooling over…second only to Macbook Pro’s!!! The Sony VAIO NW series retail for a cool 899.99.

Check out all its neat features. On top of super high processing speeds and loads of memory it has a built in Blue Ray player! Eeek!   [ OH and its pretty 😉 ] We left Future Shop after spending 200.00 on this laptop – simply because its a floor model that was missing the battery and the power cord. It came pre-loaded with Windows 7 so basically the laptop was free 🙂 A die-hard apple fanatic, I can honestly say that this is the best version of Windows Microsoft has ever created!

It was the most ‘rewarding’ accident I’ve ever had. And the perfect start to a new semester.



was going to go to bed early tonight …..


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