Merry Christmas to All


Plug in the village houses. Straighten up the figurines. Battery lights up the four bears. Turn on the tree. Favorite ornaments on the branches. Fill the woodbox. Build a fire. Gingerbread cookies out to cool. Icing goes on the shortbreads. Red plaid Tablecloth. Good china from the cabinet. Ginger ale in the punchbowl. Mix it in good.

Bacon in pieces. Simmer the scallops. Fill up your plates. Hold hands and give thanks. Its Christmas Eve.


Under ten quilts. Sound asleep. Alarm goes off. Wake everyone up. Tip-toe downstairs. Don’t wake Mom and Dad. Find your name. Sweet chocolate and candy. Throw on the yule log. Grab a present. Dad starts. Hot coffee. Sausages and hashbrowns. Almost finished. Favorite presents. Cut off the packages. In the car. Off to Grammy’s house. Warm hugs. Turkey and potatoes. Mince meat pie. Sharing stories.

Merry Christmas!


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