Pyrex Realities


I bought my first, second, third and fourth pieces of pyrex tonight on Etsy!

I knew I only liked blue and pink pyrex prints from the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s when I started my “serious” search tonight to begin my collection.

My hardest choice was deciding which print to begin collecting first. Snowflakes are one of my favorite things, and one of my favorite prints so I know that at some point I am going to make those part of my collection. I also really liked the pink daisy prints, and Grammy had already shown me two pieces her friend was selling locally in her antiques shop. The gooseberry pink on white/ white on pink print I favored as well.

When considering individual pieces or pieces being sold as a set I wanted lowered shipping costs, items from the same seller, sturdy pieces with no stains, scratches, or damage and preferably with lids (for the purpose of not refrigerating, freezing, or baking in plastic)

My final choice was based on multiple reasons. A.) I want this “collection” to be 100% usable, so I didn’t want pieces that were so ‘rare’ I wouldn’t want to use them everyday. I also needed pieces that are easier to find with little/no ware and tare – I will put them to good use. B.) The butterprint design is very country-amish-rooster-harvest on industrial mass produced glassware in a very modern turquoise blue. The combination very much clashes and opposes each other, not only as a piece but also with my typical taste in patterns, designs, and colors. For a reason I can’t explain I am completely in love with this print! C.) I wanted my “main” collection to have a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and purposes. Of the other designs I liked, there were only a select amount of casserole and mixing bowls.


I bought these two casserole with lids first.

Then these two, from the same seller.

The butter dish is a hard-to-find piece for such a popular pyrex print. The loaf pan with the lid is simple and wonderful and I cannot wait to make a banana loaf in it!

amish-b-5 amish-b-4

I have contacted the following two sellers for accurate shipping costs before I commit to buying 🙂

Both are sets of three, at a very low cost. If they come back to me with reasonable shipping quotes, I might be tempted to buy both.


This set only has two printed pieces out of three, but all three pieces have lids.

The three pieces in the set from this seller are matching mixing bowls, in good shape but don’t have lids. This seller also has a third single serving casserole dish that would be handy to have and I would save even more overall on shipping.



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